How do mega ways slots work? A beginner’s guide

As a beginner, you may wonder what exactly mega ways slots are and how they work. Mega Ways slots are online slots with an extremely high number of possible paylines. Whereas a typical online slot may have 20 or 30 paylines, a mega-ways slot can have up to 117,649 ways to win. It utilizes a dynamic reel system that changes the symbols displayed on each spin. The number of symbols on each reel can change, leading to a different set of possible payline combinations every time you spin.

  • Dynamic reels that change on each spin 
  • Cascading wins and increasing multipliers
  • High volatility for big payout potential

How do mega ways slots work?

The dynamic reel system is the key to how mega ways slots work.

  • The slots have 5 or 6 reels, with a varying number of symbols on each reel
  • The first reel always has the same number of symbols
  • The number of symbols on reels 2-6 changes with every spin
  • This creates a different payline shape and new ways to win

For example, if reel 1 has 5 symbols, reel 2 could have 5, 4, or 3 symbols. If reel 2 has 5 symbols, there are 5x5x5x5x5 = 3,125 possible ways to win. But, if reel 2 only has 3 symbols, there are 5x3x5x5x5 = 375 possible ways to win. The number of paylines differs by the Megaways mechanic developed by Big Time Gaming. So, the term “117,649 ways to win” comes from the patented Megaways engine.

Cascading wins

This feature of Mega Ways slots is cascading wins. This is when symbols that form a winning combination disappear and new symbols cascade down to take their place. It allows you to form more winning combinations and hit bigger payouts. With each cascading win, a multiplier will increase. So, your payout gets progressively bigger with each consecutive cascade. Some mega-ways slots can reach unlimited multiplier values during a single spin.

Bonus features

Mega ways slots often have exciting bonus features too.

  1. Free spins with increasing multipliers
  2. Bonus picks like wheel spins or prize reveals 
  3. Random wild symbols or multipliers
  4. Reactions that trigger when you hit a big win

The casino online bonusfeatures add further anticipation and payout potential to mega-way slots.

High volatility

Mega-way slots are known for having high volatility. It means you may experience long dry spells with no wins followed by some massive payouts. The high number of paylines and dynamic reels create a highly volatile experience with big win potential. It makes mega ways slots perfect if you’re looking for heart-stopping, high-stakes excitement! Just be aware that patience is required when playing volatile slots.

Mega ways slots feature thousands of paylines, dynamic reels, cascading wins, and high volatility. The structure provides a unique and engaging online slot experience. As a beginner, start with a few free-play demos to get a feel for their work. Then you give mega ways slots a try with real money bets. Just set a gambling budget first and remember these slots are high variance. But with some lucky spins, the mega ways can lead to mega wins.






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